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jeudi 26 février 2015


The New Yorker recently published a long story about Jonathan Ive, Apple's director of design; it is the origin of the look of the iPhone, iPad, MacBooks and other Apple products launched since the late 1990s one of the most interesting points that the New Yorker reveals is the existence a prototype iPhone measuring 5.7 inches which could have become the current iPhone 6, which would have replaced the iPhone 6 Over 5.5 inches. According to many accounts, the iPhone 6 prototypes had been created a few years ago, and here is a statement that Ive had peak at the time:

"The first device that we really have more was the model that measured 5.7 inches."

Ive and his colleagues have developed different sized prototypes for several days and finally, the director of design Apple decided that iPhone 5.7 inch would simply "too big". The size of 5.6 inches was also considered too large so the design team decided that the iPhone 6 would have more size 5.5 inches and would be launched alongside the 4.7-inch model. Click HERE to read the whole story of Jonathan Ive. In fact, the article is written in English, but it is interesting
Finally, if you plan to buy an iPhone 6, tell us if you find a 5.7 inch model would have been too great, as I've seemed to think. He still thinks the way!