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jeudi 7 août 2014

// MobileMe: Apple's online service test (màj)

Launched the same day as the iPhone 3G and version 2.0 of the iPhone OS, the online service MobileMe has been a shaky start, marred by many bugs. Moreover, service, inherited from MobileMe, not necessarily of great interest in the face of free alternatives to Google or Microsoft. A year later, and while it acquires some interesting new features, MobileMe seems he matured, the opportunity to look back at Apple's online service.


 If starting MobileMe was marked by repeated problems (loss of data, billing errors, unavailability of services ...), things are gradually back to normal in one year, MobileMe has received numerous stability improvements , performance, and especially several new features that boost its interest: the ability to locate his iPhone remotely, sharing large files and the creation of an iPhone app to explore the tree of storage space and view files. These new features are in addition to features already integrated service: webmail with "push" sync calendars or contacts, publication of photos or videos or manage a storage online technology. At its launch, we found a clear difference in the interest of MobileMe depending on whether one uses a Mac, a PC and / or an iPhone. Let's see if it has been reduced. 

The MobileMe offers 

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let's look at the offer proposed by the MobileMe service. It should be noted at the outset that this is not the first attempt in this regard Apple: MobileMe down the paid MobileMe, which itself took the following free iTools tools. Since MobileMe is supposed to apply to both Mac users than PC or iPhone (using a Mac than a PC, or both as well), we do not base our test on advanced or declines from MobileMe. It can be noted however that, for Mac users, MobileMe gets overwhelmingly the services offered by MobileMe, except for certain features such as access to online bookmarks or sending e-cards . 

MobileMe features are organized around five Web applications: an email client, a calendar, a contact manager, an online photo gallery and storage space of 20 GB The service makes it possible to synchronize the data between these applications. three devices: a Mac (running Mac OS X Tiger minimum), a PC (Windows XP or Vista) or iPhone (equipped with the 2.0 version of the system). At the announcement of the service, Apple MobileMe termed as "Exchange for the rest of us", or Exchange for those who do not have access to services "push" type to automatically and instantaneously retrieve data such as mails, appointments and contacts without requiring synchronization at regular intervals. In short: create an appointment or contact on your iPhone, your computer or on the Web and it will be instantly available on other devices. Meanwhile, Apple has revised its ambitions down, removing any reference to the term "Exchange" or "Push" from his site. Nevertheless, we will see that in most cases synchronization, it is now quite close to the concept of push 

MobileMe is sold at the rate of 79 euros per year, with a two-month trial period. It is possible to cancel the service before the end of the two months, the initial contract is not leading to one-year commitment. But beware: the termination of MobileMe causes immediate inaccessibility of the service!